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wedding update! part 2


a lot has happened since my last wedding post. i have compiled a few lists with all the details that need to get accomplished before the big day, but a great many of them cannot be worked on until may. i going to start purchasing some of the materials for DIY projects, but i think i will leave most of the work for may and june as i’ll most likely have plenty time (school is over and i’ll only be going to my internship for the necessary counseling appointments). i really hope to get some work from ariana during that month and a half, but there is no guarantee. and even if i do, i think i will still have plenty of time to put together various decorations, favors, etc

my mother is about eighty percent finished with my dress and i love it! i tried it on today with my completely ridiculously gorgeous shoes. we didn’t close the back yet because i am trying to lose a few before june 18th. mom says she won’t be able to take it in once it is closed, so it can wait until about a week before. but as it is, not even finished, hem still hanging loose, it is just exactly what i wanted!!! its very simple and pretty and just perfect. we are going to add so many pretty statement pieces that will bring the whole look i have been envisioning together. as it is, it is surpassing my expectations (oh and i rarely say that about anything!)

also, we have decided to have our big event catered by my friend sarah’s husband. he put together an absolutely perfect (meditterean) menu for us that i just cannot wait to see come to fruitian. richard, sarah’s husband, is also going to be working on the rentals through one of his connections, which is really just such a blessing. sarah is actually my very best dude friend’s sister. kerry (sarah’s brother) is such a dear friend to me that i have wonderful memories with. he currently lives in michigan with his insanely cute lady friend. i miss them both mucho and i am so excited to be seeing them sooner than later!!!

i wanted to post pictures of some inspirations but i just have to get in the shower and get ready for a little date tonight. yay!

love to all who read.



There is ONE thing that people do that drives me ABSOLUTELY up the wall. That one thing is acting like you don’t know who I am. If you spent hours of your life trying to defame me on message boards and through social networks, when you ring me up at the Apple store, you might want to acknowledge you know me. I am not, by any means, expecting an APOLOGY, but at least you could pretend we don’t have any tension and say, “oh, hey, how’s it going amy?” and not ask for my first and last name as you stare down at your ringer uper thing. effffffffffffffff you.

Also, I have been at my internship at the Orange Board of Education for approximately one year and three months. I come to the board office about once a week, sometimes twice a week. sometime in the last three months, the security guard asked me where I was going and who I was here for. I can’t deny that I gave her attitude when I said, “uhh…I intern here…with Sheronda Crawford…yeah, for the last YEAR”. Since then, (at least two-three months ago), I have avoided the security desk, actually fearing every time that she is going to ask me where I am going and who I am here for. Isn’t it sad that I really can’t stand being asked a very simple question. It’s not the question in and of itself. It’s that you seriously, honestly, don’t remember who I am. After I have walked past your desk for almost a year, NOT SIGNING IN and you say nothing, NOW you want to ask me who the hell I am. So, this morning, she actually called up to the office I am in (which is a sure sign that she KNOWS I am here as an intern so what the eff) and asks one of the members of the child study team to tell me to sign in because I am not employed here. ARE YOU REALLY SERIOUS?!!! (Why is this making me so mad???) I muster up every once of self control as I storm out of the room saying I am going to bitch her out and that she might have to take me out in hand cuffs (WOW! I am really professional). Anyway, she just happens to be on the phone when i get down there, so I don’t have a chance to make her feel dumb. This is probably a good thing.

I just really feel insanely unimportant and just plain stupid when someone sees me everyday and yet, has no idea who I am. I know who you are. You’re the security guard. I have introduced myself and made known that I am an intern here (you know…WORKING FOR FREE). Whatever. I am going to sign in every Tuesday with a smile on my face. I just hate feeling invisible (cue the violins).

wedding update! part 1

hello all! here at my internship, doing nothing related to my internship and updating whoever may read this bloggy blog on wedding goodness.
on monday, my caterer informed me that there would be no way at all that he could do paninis for 120 guests. he was very nice about it and assured me that he could come up with so many other options. okay, great. so many other options for that same price range though??? i made an appointment to go up there and discuss some other menu possibilities. as long as its not penne vodka. i also got an awesome proposal from rustic food. they put together a fantastic luncheon menu thats within my budget (although on the higher end!). and finally, mike found a gourmet deli closer to the reception site that we are going to visit on sunday. i want to go with rustic food, because it is super cool, tasty food BUT if the other delis can offer me something less expensive with even more food option, i suppose ill have to take it. i just want something quaint and yummy that people really enjoy.
my shoes came from anthropologie (heeeeeeee!!!!) yesterday! they are absolutely wonderful, beautiful, perfect and way more that i could have hoped for or expected. on saturday my mom and i are going to joanne fabrics and finally buy the fabric we will use to make my dress, which means it will probably be completed sometime in the next two to four weeks! oh my gooooooooooooooodness! yes!!!! this means that my ladies need to get a move on getting their dresses. ive been pretty consistent about reminding them that i would like them to have a dress soon just so i could put my mind at ease. i suppose thats all i can do since i opted to just pick a color and not a specific dress. (shoot, i didnt even pick a specific color. just more of a color scheme-ha!). my wonderful fiance needs to buy his clothes as well. he knows what kind of “look” he is going for though he hasnt picked out any specific items. he also needs to tell his boys what to wear. i guess the people in our wedding party are on a looser time constraint since they are essentially picking out their own outfits with some guidance. i am so high strung though, so i kind of want to know whats going on with all of that sometime soon. :o)
there is so much more to say and i will say it, but its time for class. i usually have no problem showing up late, but if i dont get there on time, i dont get a computer. whack.

learning to style

I’m way too busy to keep up with this blog. But, I will keep on keepin’ on whenever I can find twenty minutes to write a little something!

On shoes…I bought them! Can’t say which ones as my fiance doesn’t want to know ANYTHING about my outfit. Isn’t he so cute?! YES. Apparently they are coming from Georgia. I thought Anthropologie’s headquarters were in Philadelphia? Eh…who knows? Currently also waiting for my friend Vanessa’s wedding dress that I ordered for her through BHLDN. It was seriously backordered and now the delivery date is March 15th WHICH IS ELEVEN DAYS BEFORE HER WEDDING! I am seriously praying that it gets delivered even earlier than the 15th and that it is PERFECT on her. Anyone else who reads this can agree with us in prayer too. :c)

Moving on…
My closet is really about twice as full as this:

I have two closets, one of which is FILLED to the brim with cardigans and tops. The other has skirts and dresses and is quite a bit more bare. I also have two dressers full of clothing although plenty of it is painting clothes, pajamas and workout outfits. Either way, I know I am doing something wrong when it comes to my styling. I can’t really figure out how to WEAR the clothes that are spilling out of my closets and drawers. Recently, I attended a fancy dinner party for my friend Rea. I was totally nervous about looking fashion forward in front of her New York City crew. My little sister, who works for Urban Outfitters, came over and put together a seriously awesome outfit. Everyone commented on how great my outfit looked and I felt so cute all night long! As I sit here and lurk various fashion blogs, I am consistently hit with the fact that I have no idea how to put outfits together and with that said, I texted my sister to see if I can get her to come over and put some outfits together for me. She’s always wearing something awesome, while I am in jeans, boots, a teeshirt and cardigan…BORING! Especially since I have a ridiculous closet. Before I move out, I have got to commit to getting rid of some things. There is no way we will have room for my copious amount of clothes.

on shoes…

made this on polyvore.com of some of my most favorite shoes for my wedding outfit. im going for either rose pink or nude. i have a favorite but can’t say which since my love reads this and he doesn’t want to know a THING about my outfit.

Peep toe shoes
$148 – anthropologie.com

Stacked heel
$168 – anthropologie.com

Sling back shoes
$198 – anthropologie.com

Seychelles heeled sandal
$90 – piperlime.gap.com

i literally feel like…


i am SO tired of doing homework. i mean, its not like ive ever even been a super homeworker. i have ALWAYS been lazy and an extreme procrastinator. seriously, if procrastinating was a sport, id be in the extreme division (along with my fiance-ha!). i seriously even procrastinate when i want to do something. if i have plans to be somewhere, i will almost always be anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes late. yuck! how do i even have friends?!?! its so inconsiderate and really selfish and just not okay. so friends out there, i am sorry. my lateness is ever before me.
but back to homework and how i feel like this little girl:
i am just
i have been in college since i was 19. yep. thats almost 7 years. HEY and lets not forget i am waiting to hear about whether or not ill be adding yet ANOTHER YEAR to that 7 with graduate school. ive noticed a lot of people are putting this whole graduate school thing off (and by people, i mean those i am graduating with). i guess they feel they need a break. umm…oookay, but social work graduate school is ONE year if you have completed a bachelors program. not to mention that it could mean a $20,000 pay increase. so here i go, struggling through. almost everyday this week i have said, “okay, today i am setting aside 3 hours to do homework.” oh and i have set aside three hours. its just that during those three hours ive got the television on, blogs up, i’m googling “discounted silk ribbon” and of course, making an anthropologie wish list. so that 3 hours actually means ONE little hour to do what is really about three weeks worth of backed up assignments. needless to say, today at 3:09pm, ive only gotten one done. couldnt i just say eff it all and barely pass my classes?? i am graduating and all. my grades barely count for any sort of admission into graduate school.
ill tell you why this is not okay:
its all in colossions 3:23 baby: “whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord and not for men”
so this means, just barely passing my classes is not acceptable. not if that isnt my best. and it certainly isnt. i am a smart girl. i CAN do exceptional work, but i choose to cut myself off at the knees. somehow, i still end up with good grades and thats all well and good, but is it really something i can say i did with all my heart? no, its not. and the Lord knows i really need to get this right. He knows that i need to learn to do my best work, that i need to stop being late for my internship almost everyday-EVEN IF my field instructor is and doesnt care if i am. that is not doing the work with all my heart. i want to do it with all my heart, Lord. i want to make You proud.
i need prayer. i need an intervention. a procrastination intervention. do you think it could be considered an addiction?

i’m a rattlesnake baby, i’m like fuel on the fire…

hello, one and all! or none and all! trying again to regularly blog.

my oh my, i love to read blogs. i spend much time surfing the blog world when i have downtime. i just love every one’s ideas and outfit posts and links to so much other cool stuff. and i really must say that i want to be a part of this blogging world. with so much going on in my life right now, its hard to keep up, but it also seems like the perfect time to be writing a blog! so here we go again!!!

first, let’s just bring this blog up to date first.

1- on may 16th, 2011 i will be graduating from rutgers university with a bachelors in social work.

2- on the subject of school, i have applied to fordham university, new york university and hunter city university of new york for admission into their fall 2011 advanced standing graduate social work programs.

3- and for the last and most important piece of news: I AM GETTING MARRIED ON JUNE 18TH!!!!!!!!!

yes, that’s right. michael alexander saavedra proposed to me this past christmas. it was ridiculously romantic and much more than i ever expected. he sent me on a scavenger hunt (honestly, the way i always dreamed someone would ask me to marry them. honestly) that ended with (a brand new beautiful camera) me opening the door to my house to mike on his knee with a beautiful antique ring held over his head. W-O-W. this ring. wow. it is absolutely perfect. i have gotten an intense amount of compliments on it and i cant say i disagree. my man has excellent taste. anyhow, whatever about the ring. WE ARE ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED!!! so much bigger than any ring or wedding or what have you. mike asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. is there anything bigger than this that has happened in my entire life?! um. NO. eight months ago i couldnt have even imagined this was possible. i honestly was not even that faithful in my prayers for this man. but i am fortunate enough that many others were. and God wasnt lazy about it. He brought the most amazing, passionate, faithful, hard working, loving, committed, interesting, super cool, intelligent and beautiful man into my life. He knew exactly what i needed and gave it to me. and i didnt have to work for it to happen. it just HAPPENED. we just FELL IN LOVE and here we are. not to say that this road has been EASY. we have worked through a lot of stuff together and never has ‘iron sharped iron’ been more real to me. but i am in love. smash my face on the ground in love with this man. thank you Jesus. thank you so much for this love and for answering to this little tiny daughter’s prayers. this little tiny unfaithfully lazy praying girl.

here are some pictures from our engagement session with helen michelsen.

gorgeous photos right?! make sure you check out helen’s photography and get her to take some pictures for you! she does wonderful things with people and nature. i think we are hoping to get her to take a few more when this snow disappears. and of course, she is the photographer at our wedding. yippee!!!

so much more to say but i don’t feel like making a post that is twelve feet long, so i’ll just begin again.