here goes another blogging attempt…

by upinthetree

i’m bad at sticking to things. i mean, i’ve quit A LOT of things i have started. this includes, but is not limited to: various musical instruments, gym memberships, diets, books, various hobbies, blogging, etc. i have not found it much of a challenge to stick with school, jobs, or relationships, but pretty much anything else is easy for me to drop. so its no surprise that i have not been able to keep up with a blog. either way, i think i’m a decent writer and i honestly think i generally have things to write about. in that case, i am going to try again! so, hello.

currently awaiting my husband; avoiding the nutella and pretzels calling to me from my food pantry. thinking about tomorrow and the list of things i’d like to accomplish. sometimes, i “save” things for the next week since i pretty much have NOTHING to do every single day. that saved thing gets moved from week to week so that i always have something to keep myself busy with. ugh…what a way to live.

i am waiting to hear about a part time job. its a clinicians position with an agency in east orange. i would essentially be a childrens therapist. i would literally be in a clinic, making appointments with children in foster care to come see me for an hour of therapy once a week. although its only part time, it would be an ideal first job. first interview went great and i got called back to give my references and take a personality assessment. that was monday. its essentially friday, so my hope is dwindling. the only answer i have for myself is to put it in God’s hands and try not to think about it too much.

there you have it-my first blog post in over a year! hoping i will be back soon!