16 days to go & i am getting really sappy.

by upinthetree

oh man…
on my second episode of “say yes to the dress” today and i cannot stop crying. oh my gosh. it is getting ridiculous here. it is not helping that this particular episode is all about dads and i really just cant stop crying thinking about my dad. guhhhhh. sometimes i am so afraid of the crying. its overwhelming to think about because i know i am going to be bawling all day long on our wedding day.

i should probably go to the beach or something like that except for the fact that i am broker than broke. with no job and mike’s coming paycheck totally spoken for, ive got $15 to my name. and you never know when you might need that. like say for a lost basal body temperature thermometer. oh natural family planning, im not so sure about you.

all thats left to do for the wedding is little crafts and ordering flowers. ive almost completed every craft, including hand painting over 60 miniature birdhouses. i put together five tissue paper dahlilas today and my mother made 200 feet of pennant banner. if the wedding comes out as cute and wonderful as i envision it, i certainly plan to submit my wedding to oncewed and ruffled. and i have no problem detailing how inexpensive we did this for. spending $25,000 on a wedding is totally unnecessary if you can put in the work on the little things yourself.

and i have to make sure i say that the real reason we were able to put this together on such a small budget is because of Jesus. He has put some amazing opportunities in our paths such as a great caterer who has been so helpful and hooked us up with an equally great rental place who has been cutting us breaks left and right. so here we are, 16 days away, and i am not behind, maybe im even ahead. who knew?

and of course:
my family, friends and bridesmaids have been extremely helpful. especially my mother. shes been putting together all kinds of crafty things i cant do (like sewing!!!). shes been so helpful and had such a great attitude about everything. (especially that 200 foot banner). my bridesmaids have gone all out when it comes to gifts and making themselves available for anything and everything i need. ive also had some impromptu help from a new and dear friend, vanessa. she has randomly been helping me with all kinds of details and also is letting my borrow supplies for one of our very important set ups. without her supplies, i never would have been able to afford pulling it off. (i keep saying supplies because i dont want to give it away!!!)

this weekend is my bachalorette party. im so excited!!! my sister asked everyone to bring me lingerie and im so so so so looking forward to receiving some!!! i dont have anything extravagant (yet!). im also really looking forward to spending some good fun times with my sister and ladies!

but mostly, i just cant wait to be here: