on james blake & wedding planning

by upinthetree

really should be heading to my internship but guess what, i am writing my blog entry instead. feeling inspired and i want to do it before that feeling leaves!!

so i finally got my “hands” (can’t remember the last time i actually bought physical music…its just too pricey for me these days) on the james blake album. okay. i have a lot of thoughts. one being: how in the world is this considered “dubstep”? look, im not a dubstep connoisseur by ANY stretch of the imagination but this sure doesnt sound like ANYTHING else ive ever heard. there is actually barely any music on the album. its like 90% vocals. and very very pretty vocals and the 10% of music is really pretty and simple. im just not sure i understand the hype about the whole thing. i mean, pitchfork media gave the album a NINE and its hard to get anything over an 8.2 over there. (the last album i remember getting a TEN at pitchfork was the new kanye, which is pretty close to perfect. other than that, i think the beatles and radiohead).
anyway, this is what im talking about:

what do you think???

really made some progress in wedding planning. ive finally decided on a color “theme”, which im not telling!!! ive been telling way too many people all our plans and nothing is going to be a surprise. so im keeping stuff to myself from now on. i will say, however, that i decided to get rid of one overly popular trend in order to put more money into some other things like flowers and a bangin’ dessert table. just check out one of the dessert tables ive been drooling over. its not so much about the desserts, for me, as it is about the presentation. to die for:

and i have to say that i have been trying to deny it but i do love the succulents trend. need to get my hand on some of these:

my oh my. so much to do. next week is spring break from my internship, which gives me the time i need to work on final papers. after that, i go back to my class for like, uh, a day and back to my internship full time for TWO days and then just a little here and there through the month of may. i need to wrap up counseling with my kids, especially a particular little girl who pretty much stalks me. shes going to be hard to separate from. ugh. but onto bigger and better things! in the fall, ill be attending fordham university!! i did get into nyu as well (hunter never got back to me because my retard professor never handed in the correct evaluation forms. eff) but fordham was just all around the better choice for me. everyone has been super helpful there. im already registered for classes, have a resume out for an internship and am just waiting on financial aid. im getting sort of excited at the thought of being in the city consistently once a week for the next year. i kind of wish they had found me an internship there too, but im sure not having to commute everyday will be a blessing in the end.

anyway now i really must go to my internship.

goodnight! i mean, goodbye!!