wedding update! part 2

by upinthetree


a lot has happened since my last wedding post. i have compiled a few lists with all the details that need to get accomplished before the big day, but a great many of them cannot be worked on until may. i going to start purchasing some of the materials for DIY projects, but i think i will leave most of the work for may and june as i’ll most likely have plenty time (school is over and i’ll only be going to my internship for the necessary counseling appointments). i really hope to get some work from ariana during that month and a half, but there is no guarantee. and even if i do, i think i will still have plenty of time to put together various decorations, favors, etc

my mother is about eighty percent finished with my dress and i love it! i tried it on today with my completely ridiculously gorgeous shoes. we didn’t close the back yet because i am trying to lose a few before june 18th. mom says she won’t be able to take it in once it is closed, so it can wait until about a week before. but as it is, not even finished, hem still hanging loose, it is just exactly what i wanted!!! its very simple and pretty and just perfect. we are going to add so many pretty statement pieces that will bring the whole look i have been envisioning together. as it is, it is surpassing my expectations (oh and i rarely say that about anything!)

also, we have decided to have our big event catered by my friend sarah’s husband. he put together an absolutely perfect (meditterean) menu for us that i just cannot wait to see come to fruitian. richard, sarah’s husband, is also going to be working on the rentals through one of his connections, which is really just such a blessing. sarah is actually my very best dude friend’s sister. kerry (sarah’s brother) is such a dear friend to me that i have wonderful memories with. he currently lives in michigan with his insanely cute lady friend. i miss them both mucho and i am so excited to be seeing them sooner than later!!!

i wanted to post pictures of some inspirations but i just have to get in the shower and get ready for a little date tonight. yay!

love to all who read.