by upinthetree

There is ONE thing that people do that drives me ABSOLUTELY up the wall. That one thing is acting like you don’t know who I am. If you spent hours of your life trying to defame me on message boards and through social networks, when you ring me up at the Apple store, you might want to acknowledge you know me. I am not, by any means, expecting an APOLOGY, but at least you could pretend we don’t have any tension and say, “oh, hey, how’s it going amy?” and not ask for my first and last name as you stare down at your ringer uper thing. effffffffffffffff you.

Also, I have been at my internship at the Orange Board of Education for approximately one year and three months. I come to the board office about once a week, sometimes twice a week. sometime in the last three months, the security guard asked me where I was going and who I was here for. I can’t deny that I gave her attitude when I said, “uhh…I intern here…with Sheronda Crawford…yeah, for the last YEAR”. Since then, (at least two-three months ago), I have avoided the security desk, actually fearing every time that she is going to ask me where I am going and who I am here for. Isn’t it sad that I really can’t stand being asked a very simple question. It’s not the question in and of itself. It’s that you seriously, honestly, don’t remember who I am. After I have walked past your desk for almost a year, NOT SIGNING IN and you say nothing, NOW you want to ask me who the hell I am. So, this morning, she actually called up to the office I am in (which is a sure sign that she KNOWS I am here as an intern so what the eff) and asks one of the members of the child study team to tell me to sign in because I am not employed here. ARE YOU REALLY SERIOUS?!!! (Why is this making me so mad???) I muster up every once of self control as I storm out of the room saying I am going to bitch her out and that she might have to take me out in hand cuffs (WOW! I am really professional). Anyway, she just happens to be on the phone when i get down there, so I don’t have a chance to make her feel dumb. This is probably a good thing.

I just really feel insanely unimportant and just plain stupid when someone sees me everyday and yet, has no idea who I am. I know who you are. You’re the security guard. I have introduced myself and made known that I am an intern here (you know…WORKING FOR FREE). Whatever. I am going to sign in every Tuesday with a smile on my face. I just hate feeling invisible (cue the violins).