wedding update! part 1

by upinthetree

hello all! here at my internship, doing nothing related to my internship and updating whoever may read this bloggy blog on wedding goodness.
on monday, my caterer informed me that there would be no way at all that he could do paninis for 120 guests. he was very nice about it and assured me that he could come up with so many other options. okay, great. so many other options for that same price range though??? i made an appointment to go up there and discuss some other menu possibilities. as long as its not penne vodka. i also got an awesome proposal from rustic food. they put together a fantastic luncheon menu thats within my budget (although on the higher end!). and finally, mike found a gourmet deli closer to the reception site that we are going to visit on sunday. i want to go with rustic food, because it is super cool, tasty food BUT if the other delis can offer me something less expensive with even more food option, i suppose ill have to take it. i just want something quaint and yummy that people really enjoy.
my shoes came from anthropologie (heeeeeeee!!!!) yesterday! they are absolutely wonderful, beautiful, perfect and way more that i could have hoped for or expected. on saturday my mom and i are going to joanne fabrics and finally buy the fabric we will use to make my dress, which means it will probably be completed sometime in the next two to four weeks! oh my gooooooooooooooodness! yes!!!! this means that my ladies need to get a move on getting their dresses. ive been pretty consistent about reminding them that i would like them to have a dress soon just so i could put my mind at ease. i suppose thats all i can do since i opted to just pick a color and not a specific dress. (shoot, i didnt even pick a specific color. just more of a color scheme-ha!). my wonderful fiance needs to buy his clothes as well. he knows what kind of “look” he is going for though he hasnt picked out any specific items. he also needs to tell his boys what to wear. i guess the people in our wedding party are on a looser time constraint since they are essentially picking out their own outfits with some guidance. i am so high strung though, so i kind of want to know whats going on with all of that sometime soon. :o)
there is so much more to say and i will say it, but its time for class. i usually have no problem showing up late, but if i dont get there on time, i dont get a computer. whack.