learning to style

by upinthetree

I’m way too busy to keep up with this blog. But, I will keep on keepin’ on whenever I can find twenty minutes to write a little something!

On shoes…I bought them! Can’t say which ones as my fiance doesn’t want to know ANYTHING about my outfit. Isn’t he so cute?! YES. Apparently they are coming from Georgia. I thought Anthropologie’s headquarters were in Philadelphia? Eh…who knows? Currently also waiting for my friend Vanessa’s wedding dress that I ordered for her through BHLDN. It was seriously backordered and now the delivery date is March 15th WHICH IS ELEVEN DAYS BEFORE HER WEDDING! I am seriously praying that it gets delivered even earlier than the 15th and that it is PERFECT on her. Anyone else who reads this can agree with us in prayer too. :c)

Moving on…
My closet is really about twice as full as this:

I have two closets, one of which is FILLED to the brim with cardigans and tops. The other has skirts and dresses and is quite a bit more bare. I also have two dressers full of clothing although plenty of it is painting clothes, pajamas and workout outfits. Either way, I know I am doing something wrong when it comes to my styling. I can’t really figure out how to WEAR the clothes that are spilling out of my closets and drawers. Recently, I attended a fancy dinner party for my friend Rea. I was totally nervous about looking fashion forward in front of her New York City crew. My little sister, who works for Urban Outfitters, came over and put together a seriously awesome outfit. Everyone commented on how great my outfit looked and I felt so cute all night long! As I sit here and lurk various fashion blogs, I am consistently hit with the fact that I have no idea how to put outfits together and with that said, I texted my sister to see if I can get her to come over and put some outfits together for me. She’s always wearing something awesome, while I am in jeans, boots, a teeshirt and cardigan…BORING! Especially since I have a ridiculous closet. Before I move out, I have got to commit to getting rid of some things. There is no way we will have room for my copious amount of clothes.