i’m a rattlesnake baby, i’m like fuel on the fire…

by upinthetree

hello, one and all! or none and all! trying again to regularly blog.

my oh my, i love to read blogs. i spend much time surfing the blog world when i have downtime. i just love every one’s ideas and outfit posts and links to so much other cool stuff. and i really must say that i want to be a part of this blogging world. with so much going on in my life right now, its hard to keep up, but it also seems like the perfect time to be writing a blog! so here we go again!!!

first, let’s just bring this blog up to date first.

1- on may 16th, 2011 i will be graduating from rutgers university with a bachelors in social work.

2- on the subject of school, i have applied to fordham university, new york university and hunter city university of new york for admission into their fall 2011 advanced standing graduate social work programs.

3- and for the last and most important piece of news: I AM GETTING MARRIED ON JUNE 18TH!!!!!!!!!

yes, that’s right. michael alexander saavedra proposed to me this past christmas. it was ridiculously romantic and much more than i ever expected. he sent me on a scavenger hunt (honestly, the way i always dreamed someone would ask me to marry them. honestly) that ended with (a brand new beautiful camera) me opening the door to my house to mike on his knee with a beautiful antique ring held over his head. W-O-W. this ring. wow. it is absolutely perfect. i have gotten an intense amount of compliments on it and i cant say i disagree. my man has excellent taste. anyhow, whatever about the ring. WE ARE ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED!!! so much bigger than any ring or wedding or what have you. mike asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. is there anything bigger than this that has happened in my entire life?! um. NO. eight months ago i couldnt have even imagined this was possible. i honestly was not even that faithful in my prayers for this man. but i am fortunate enough that many others were. and God wasnt lazy about it. He brought the most amazing, passionate, faithful, hard working, loving, committed, interesting, super cool, intelligent and beautiful man into my life. He knew exactly what i needed and gave it to me. and i didnt have to work for it to happen. it just HAPPENED. we just FELL IN LOVE and here we are. not to say that this road has been EASY. we have worked through a lot of stuff together and never has ‘iron sharped iron’ been more real to me. but i am in love. smash my face on the ground in love with this man. thank you Jesus. thank you so much for this love and for answering to this little tiny daughter’s prayers. this little tiny unfaithfully lazy praying girl.

here are some pictures from our engagement session with helen michelsen.

gorgeous photos right?! make sure you check out helen’s photography and get her to take some pictures for you! she does wonderful things with people and nature. i think we are hoping to get her to take a few more when this snow disappears. and of course, she is the photographer at our wedding. yippee!!!

so much more to say but i don’t feel like making a post that is twelve feet long, so i’ll just begin again.