cookie cookin cooker

by upinthetree

so ive been cooking. ever since the suggestion from my long-time pal, rea, ive been visiting foodgawker for my receipes. this week, i made FOUR fabulous dishes from said website. i know i know, i realize they are actually receipes from OTHER people’s blogs, but whatever.
first was pumpkin chocolate chip bread. i brought some to my tuesday night bible study gals. i also brought some to my boyfriend and his family. his father was pretty excited about it! he said pumpkin bread is his favorite. (score!!)
however, i did feel it could have used some pumpkin spice. the pumpkin taste was missing just a bit.

the next night i decided to go all out and make a meal.
i made turkey meatloaf muffins. this turned out good except that i forgot the fresh parsley! how did that happen!??!

with that i also made some roasted red potatoes (which i cant seem to find the link for). they were perfectly crispy and drenched in olive oil, lemon, garlic and rosemary. mmmm ❤

i made dessert as well, though i forgot to take a picture of it.
i made peanut butter banana and honey cookies. the receipe called for a peanut butter honey glaze which was sublime. i stuck them in frozen yogurt and that was that. i actually think that the frozen yogurt took away from the taste of the cookies. duly noted for next time!

soooo cute ❤