this summer! (part 2)

by upinthetree

not that anyone reads… (i don’t think) but i am here to finish my summer blog entry. yipee.
this summer,
4. i would also like to learn to sew. specifically i’d like to learn embroidery.
(awesome picture i found too! this one is free hand!)
my mother has been embroidering my whole life. i always thought it was really awesome and now that i spent $78 on embroidered tee shirts, i figured i should be real hippy about it and do it myself. (yeah yeah!)
um, and i just love this picture:
i will embroidery everything i own. i may or may not look like a complete freak after i figure out how to embroider. woweezowee.
5. another thing i want to put some time into is gardening. about three summers ago i got the gardening bug big time. emmy and i (well, mostly emmy) dug up my backyard. we made quite a nice little garden…a garden we never gardened. we ate all the nasturtiums and took some pictures and that was that. maybe times, i set goals that are nearly impossible. so i was thinking that i should set one that is possible. perhaps a windowsill herb garden.
this is something my dear friend emmy already has. but i want one dangit. now that i have inherited my married sister’s bedroom (which gets copious amounts of light), i think this may actually work. i think id like to start from seeds. maybe a few from seeds and a few from sprouted plants? hmm…
6. drawing, painting, etc. ive always enjoyed making little acrylic paintings. i used to do them quite regularly during my angsty teeny days. its been a while since ive made one. i should do them again. also, i took two semesters of drawing (with a teacher i had a huge crush on…ohhhh maaaaaan). i believe this was during my first:
i dont know. i think its halfway decent. i have so many supplies that i could be using. and so many things i want to draw/paint.
and finally:
7. blogging. i find myself getting lost in the world of blogs from time to time and so envying other people’s blogs. some put so much time, energy and creativity into them. i want a blog like this. but lets face it, that ain’t gonna happen. it just isnt. i dont have all that time and energy. but i do have some.
so here goes summer…