this summer!

by upinthetree

this is the first summer in my life that i do not plan on getting a “straight up” job. by straight up, i basically mean, i wont be working at starbucks, a clothing store or some other place where i have to work nights and weekends. nights and weekends have been a common reality that i have been avoiding for years. even at starbucks, where weekends are required, id rather work at 430am in order to avoid losing my whole saturday, or any night of the week for that matter.
currently, im working at this amazing tea shop, chamagudao, on saturdays. its nice. i make tea for people; sometimes i just stand around and talk to my boss. its easy money. my other part-time jobby is with ariana hoffman. she is a decorative artist i have been working with for about three years, on and off. shes amazingly talented, patient and generous. generally, she doesnt need me EVERY day, so this gives me the freedom to do some volunteer work, go on short trips and just hang with friends this summer. it also gives me time to pursue some of my interests. so here are just a few of them: (and i literally have a post-it with a list entitled, “what to do this summer when not working”)
1. learn to cook/bake more
i love the idea of cooking. i love food blogs. and i hope to be the kind of wife/mother that can whip up some really simple, interesting, super cool food for my fam. my good friend rea, introduced me to foodgawker, which just makes me want cook more! the problem is: (ahem, this is hard to admit) i cant really cook. i kindasortamaybe burn stuff. i kindasortamaybe have no idea what kind of foods go together; what tastes good together, etc. i have asked my friend, jenny, to help me. ive heard and seen that she is a great cook!
also, i love baking. baking is not so hard. you get a reciepe, you follow it exactly, and most of the time, it turns out good. but it takes time. and time is something i am short on, but maybe not for long. šŸ™‚
2. get even more serious about diet and ESPECIALLY exercise
i am already serious about both. but id like to lose this last (ahem) however many pounds. i especially wanna amp up my exercise. aside from the last two weeks, i generally exercise 3-4 times a week. i really want to be up to 6, even if the 6th day is just a long walk in the park.
id like to be able to jog for longer too. i can probably do about 15 minutes straight now. its just not where i want to be. id like to be able to jog or an hour straight. as of RIGHT now, i think i strained the ligaments in my arch. owwwwie! i forced exercise yesterday but my foot is hating me today. pfffft.
3. uhhhh… meet a man maybe.

anywho, i need to refer back to my post-it, and im way too lazy to move from this couch, so more to come later!