when life gives you lemons, hang them off the side of a nice cocktail! and dance to some dubSTEP.

by upinthetree

or not…im not a big drinker these days anyhow.
i have not had much happy silly funny things to write about. and i am not going to complain. so a dilemma with blog writing exists. but whatever, i will write.
this past weekend i went to a super fun dubstep party. i was first exposed when i went to vitamin b at sanctuary in brooklyn. but that was nothing compared to the dubstep i heard on saturday.

it was super intense. you can feel hear smell this bass in yr soul, i swear. and such a good and friendly crowd. so not what i was used to in my previous night life. (ie: snooty hipster jerks who dont want to get to know you). anyhow, i danced hard for a good three hours and then daylight savings time called me home.
this friday is dub wars which i hear has an even better sound system. (better have for $10 cover!). looking forward to some more dancing and meeting good peoples.