i like to think i always smell pretty good.

by upinthetree

so on the tea front- i drank an organic chai this morning, an apple cinnamon in the afternoon, a wild berry at my counselor’s and finally a honey calmomile. THAT IS FOUR TEAS!!! all different too! im doing good! i felt a little dragging though without coffee, although i know that was due to missing about an hour of sleep. :o(
well on to something else that i am wild about!…and that is…PERFUME!! and oils!! and yummy smelling lotions! i have so many and have to continually remind myself of this when i am shopping.
look at all of this. i have name brand perfumes, yummy random lotions, essential oils, and perfume oils. id like to highlight some of my favorites.

wish by lollia: this stuff smells AMAZING. i got it when i was dating one of my past boyfriends and i remember being really annoyed that he did not think it was just the most beautiful, sweet, adorable smell. whatever. i read that it is full of italian bergamot as well as vanilla bean. i think i tend to like perfumes made with bergamot. they sell these wonderful scents by lollia at anthropologie, but check them out here!

i also love oils. im torn when it comes my favorite, so i decide on a tie. i fell in love with egyptian musk many moons ago. it started with egyptian water goddess when an old friend of mine, maggie, started wearing it. i then started smelling this scent around and figured out that it was also called egyptian musk. it smells like your skin, but better. clean, fresh, and just noticeable enough. also, i adore the coconut milk. the name of the company that produces it escapes me but they sell it at urban outfitters (i live IN a town that has a standalone urban AND anthro. intense). it also has that fresh, clean smell and that classic coconut scent.
i find myself throwing on the spray perfume in a rush in the morning. for some reason, i tend to match my outfits with my perfume. if im wearing darker colors, i go for the closer by gap. if im more colorful, ill go for the wish. as for the oils, they have been more of a summer perfume source for me, but i am determined STARTING TOMORROW to use them regularly.
anywho, enough on perfumes and scents. oh, but i love…
i also love post-its. i have a lot of post-it-ing to get to. and a process recording from my first interview with a kid today. it went so well…he was ridiculously cute and pleasant!