cravings, i will conquer!

by upinthetree

my weight has been something i have always struggled with. but more on the past, later…
currently, i am doing weight watchers. oh, weight watchers, i denied you for so long, and i wish i would have come around sooner! once i started the program (sans meetings), weight began dropping off of me like leaves in the fall! i was losing 1-2 pounds a week from august right up until the holidays. total weight loss was about 20 pounds. i look great, felt great and was getting into a size 10! (i was an 18 the previous summer).
but then- my birthday came, christmas came, new years came, etc etc. i constantly let myself slip, and now, i have gained back somewhere around 5 pounds. my jeans are tight, my back feels fat, i cant wear tight tanks and sweaters right now…it just totally BLOWS.
{as i was having success, my Biblical counselor told me there would be a time where i would probably gain 5 pounds. i had to remember that i am still loved by the Lord in that moment and that no matter what happens, no matter what size i am, God is crazy about me. this knowledge is what i have to live out of. the knowledge of His love. right now, i have so much riding on my looks, and i believe this 5 pounds is a gift to remind me that its not all about that AND that i have to ask Him for help, because these cravings are OUT OF CONTROL.}
before the holidays, i felt i had some control over my cravings. i could *easily* say no to little chocolates and cookies and things like that. once i let those little jerks back in again, i lost my ability to say no.
so rules have to be put in place. no eating after 8pm. no using “flex” points (the extra 35 points (about 2000 calories) you get each week. no using activity points. setting up specific workout days and times. and most importantly, having someone to keep me accountable. lucky for me i have a good wonderful friend who is doing weight watchers as well. she is a seasoned weight watcher (haha) and has committed to keep me accountable. so here we go. i refuse to let myself get back up to where i was. i can do this. and if i ask, Holy Spirit will help me. i just gotta ask…