so, who are you upinthetree?

by upinthetree

so here i am, amy. i always wanted to have a blog. like a real blog. about stuff, not just my day to day whinings. this will not be about my day to day whinings, i swear. let me back up and introduce myself. my name is amy. im 25 years old. im a student at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ. i go for social work and i love it. i currently intern at the Orange School District Board of Education on a child study team. i also love this. my first passion in social work was adoption, but as i work in the schools, im experiencing a growing affinity for this field of work. (plus the hours are amazing and totally family friendly). im single. single single single. and totally fine with it. well, mostly fine with it. HEY IM OKAY WITH IT!!! im into music, art, writing, nature, health, fashion and Jesus. i guess Jesus should have been first. He’s always first anyway… im just a girl (in the world…) living…and always trying to find the good stuff. here, i plan on writing about…well, everything. i want to review music, talk about my faith, write about the books i PLAN on reading (im really bad at sticking with books but i want to !!!), clothes i buy, my constant weightloss struggle, etc etc. i think i have something to say, and this is fun, maybe. we’ll see. i dont think ill clue my friends in until im sure this is a good thing. for now, goodbye.